Salt mine Dürrnberg
One of the oldest salt mines open for tourists in Hallein

Located south from the city of Salzburg, overlooking the picturesque town of Hallein, we will reach the salt mines of Dürrnberg.

These salt mines were the reason for the legendary richness of the historical Salzburg. Already the Celts had been busy mining the »white gold« here, but during the reign of the prince archbishops of Salzburg, these mines really built the bases of the enormous wealth of the town and its rulers. Even if salt today might seem unimportant, it used to be as valuable as any precious metals. In these salt mines you will have the opportunity to see the life of the early miners from the inside.

The trip inside the »world of salt begins with dressing into a miners costume. After that, all dressed in white, it is time for the group to take a train ride deep in the tunnels of the mine. From one floor to another you will take a slide on a polished chute, like the miners used to do. The miner, who is your guide, will tell you all about the history of the mining in Dürrnberg and the story of the salt itself. Before the end of the tour you will also cross an underground lake with a raft. An interesting day for all the family, in a place where even the children will find out, that learning something new can be great fun.
Price: EUR 280,- per minibus (max. 8 persons)
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